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The Future is Already Here!

In a few years from now, and I'm talking 3 years not 30 years. Future tech like the blockchain will be deeply rooted in our everyday lives. Just like computers, phones and the internet are today.

From our market research, 227 investment deals have netted the blockchain space $784 million in funding. By December, should that momentum continue, the figure will total $1.6 billion.

While the Bitcoin Market is valued at $150 Billion (1 BTC= $8,500) and it is expected to reach $1000 Billion (1 BTC= $50,500) within the next 3 years.

The blockchain is a new technology in its very early stage. Similar to the internet in the 1980s. To truly understand the potential of blockchain, we must first define the technology, then dispel some of the common myths and, lastly, examine some of its most exciting potential uses. We provide crystal clear guidance on the blockchain by lowering the barrier to entry with seminars and online videos given a certified bitcoin professional (CBP). Unique selling point (USP) is the accredited continuing professional development (CPD) hours. 

Bitcoin an ‘Unstoppable Force,’

“The world that Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin whitepaper envisioned, and others are building, is an unstoppable force.”

“We should not attempt to deter this innovation; governments cannot stop this innovation, and those that have tried have already failed”

Patrick McHenry
U.S. Congressman, North Carolina’s 10th District

More About Us - NIKO VC™

Nosa Oguns

Founder of NIKO VC

NIKO VC™ is an educational tool that helps people understand the blockchain and simply acquire Bitcoin. We are a technology and educational platform.

Our first product is a collectible coin that has NFC. This proprietary technology enables anyone to get access to digital tokens with the tap of their phone. Theses provides easy access to Bitcoin.

Right now, our collectible coins are fully developed and ready to be shipped out. We are currently developing our online content and our first course called “Mastering Blockchain” is expected for Q2 2020.

Our service educates people on the does and don't of Bitcoin and Blockchain. It pulls all information needed to understand Bitcoin in one place so you can finally get the entire picture of the space. Thus, being able to make an informed decision whether to invest in the space or not.

Our mission at NIKO VC is to create an environment where people can develop knowledge about future technologies and how it will impact their lives through engaging and active learning. To understand the true potential for blockchain, we must first define the technology, then dispel some of the common myths and, lastly, examine some of its most exciting potential uses. 

Follow the steps 1 & 7 to get some Bitcoin 

1. To Purchase Your First Bitcoin  - - Coinbase

2. To Trade Bitcoin for other Altcoins - Binance

3. To View The Markets - Trading View

4. To Secure your Cryptocurrencies - Ledger Nano X

5. To Get a Crypto Card - Wirex Card

6. To Trade On Leverage - Bybit

7. Get a Lightening Network Wallet - BlueWallet

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Blockchain & Bitcoin - Now we are integrating our knowledge to create opportunities for everyone by creating educational content for everyone. From curiosity teen to the accredited investor.

Knowledge is Power.

Let's end on this Quote.

“Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.”

Thomas Carper - US Senator

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